Saturday, July 05, 2008

My house

Its Saturday, 9:37am. 

I am sitting on my very very comfortable couch, laptop in lap, jammies on listening to my house.

The boys are upstairs playing. Nicely I can only assume by the occasional scream of excitement that escapes Harrison from time to time. Don't hear anything from Jake, but he's likely doing something to squeeze those screams out of Harrison.

When I started this, Jason was asleep and the house was otherwise quiet. Now, he's in the kitchen, running water for coffee, banging cups together while his barefeet slap slap slap on the wood floors. He clears his throat. Puts the unused coffee grounds back in the fridge and takes a long swig straight from the opened gatorade bottle he started yesterday. He is in his "sexy" blue satin boxer shorts that at some point had light silver hula girls on it, but through many washings they are simply blue boxer shorts. The hula girls have gone. Closer inspection from the couch reveals that they are also, in fact, inside out. He calls them "sexy". There's nothing sexy about his junk swaying unrestricted all over the kitchen. More clothes please. Please! On he goes to get in the shower.

(Harrison is laughing a deep throaty laugh that make you want to check on him to make sure he's breathing ok.)

Behind me, outside I can hear hammering of nails to wood on a house that is being built behind me.

The coffee maker gurgles. Steam. More gurgles. I smell my morning cup in production.

"Dad-dy," Harrison comes down the stairs and whines. Back to laughing. 

The world is right again.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Harrison Columbus Discovers A New World

Harrison and Jake are great brothers, but as any parent of multiple children will tell you, no two siblings are alike. 

Jake is sweet and gentle. Harrison is aggressive and rough. 

Jake is artistic. Harrison is technology savvy. 

Jake never played with himself unless he was "holding it" from going potty. Harrison has been playing with himself since he was an infant. Anytime his diaper was off, his hand went south. Sitting in the tub, he'd have one hand on himself and the other on a toy. He especially likes wearing underwear now because he can get a hold of it now whenever he wants it and its usually so often, I think he has to go potty all day and is "holding it" like Jake did. 

Nope. He just likes to make sure its still there.

Recently after a bath, though, he explored a little further into the Old World and discovered a New World. I dried him off in his bedroom and scrounged in his closet for jammies. Then I knelt down to help him get dressed. He was squeezing and twisting and moving his junk around so much and then began to look up at the ceiling in deep thought. "Mama, this is my penis," Harrison reminds me. "Yes, buddy, that is your penis," I say to enforce that I heard him correctly. Still looking up at the ceiling he says, "Mama, there's um, there's BALLS in there!" "Yes," I say through giggles, "there ARE balls in there. Now go tell Daddy what you found. I think he would like to know about your discovery."