Friday, October 08, 2010

Little Heads on My Shoulder

I miss when my boys were so small I could pick them up and they'd rest their little heads on my shoulder in a hug or to sleep.

They are sleeping now and I just want to wake them up and steal a few more moments with them I'll never get back. Feel like every morning they wake up an inch bigger and 10x smarter.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Describe Your Ex

In One Word:

mean spiriteD
self absorBed
self riGhteous

Cruising the web this morning

I've been poking around the web this morning and in 15 minutes have seen:

a police officer knife hand strike a pimp (i'm signing up for martial arts cause that was just cool)
a small dog pee on a bride at her wedding (who let the dogs out?)
a hot foreign girl in pig tails teach me how to do a painful looking one legged squat (she got my attention, but i'm still eating a donut in my sweatpants)
10 tips for using twitter for business (novel)
random toothpaste for dinner comics (that were a waste of time)
a group of lions attack a "trainer" who was poking them at a circus (he deserved it, honestly)
a guy cop a cheap feel on a girl's chest at a soccer game (i couldn't tell it was a girl so perhaps neither could he. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt)

Words That Make Me Laugh

My coworker Joey and I have a giggle habit of laughing at anything that might also entertain a 9 year old boy (coincidence that I HAVE a 9 year old boy? I think not.). Only way these words are funnier than standing alone is when they are used during a normal, serious conversation, like a client meeting. The quieter we're supposed to be, the funnier they seem. I know there are more....but its 1:45am on a Tuesday.

Poop (heavy emphasis on the "oo" sound)
Stoo-pit (as said by Nicole Portman)
do do (especially as said in a meeting "Yes, when we do do that tomorrow.......")
Balls (funniest all by themselves)
Duties (singular "duty" is equally as effective)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy Anniversary VLG

This is what we do at work when we're bored (not really) and are influenced by Shiner Bock (just a little).
Its our 5th year anniversary (it really is) and for times like these we thought it was worth a mention (or something).

Gimme Knucks

Powered By Red Curry (with Chicken)

I haven't had thai red curry with chicken in 4 days and I'm feeling like anything else I eat is just water in the tank. Putter.
Have become a bit of a red curry snob and I must say these two are my favorites around the Plano/Richardson, TX area:

Sawadika at Campbell near 75
Noodles Ave. on Park in West Plano

Though this does not help me when I have a hankerin' closer to home. Wylie/Sachse/Murphy is in need of a Thai restaurant. Spread the word. We're Thai friendly in these parts.

Extra comments: 

Steer clear of Mango at Park and Preston in Plano and the nameless Thai restaurant in the La Madeline shopping center in Addison. Both very yucky. That's a fancy culinary term for gross.

Monday, October 04, 2010

They're Already Gone

 Why do I feel like my 5 year old is already grown and gone? Why do I feel like my 9 year old won't see me as the only woman in his life very soon?

I just checked on them as they slept and stared at each of them for a few moments, thinking to myself how sweet and smart and precious they both are. I am not a mom who uses the word "precious", but well, they are and I realize that and my time with them is so short.

I wish they knew how much I adored them. How much I would do for them even though I am constantly trying to get them to do for themselves; its only because I love them. Because I want them to grow up independent, able to make decisions and care for themselves and the families they will soon provide for.

I do fear they will grow up with memories of me getting angry and yes, I've said a "bad word" in front of them a time or two, but I hope those memories won't dominate their childhood flashbacks when they recount their time with me to their future wives and friends. I have had moments of anger, but I am trying to look at my babies with my own memories of when they were first born and I held them in my arms as though nothing would ever hurt them or cause them pain.

They are great kids and I suppose some of that could be my doing, but I do realize they are wonderful individuals, and they, like me, will make mistakes. Their accidents are mistakes. My anger is not. I promise today to never get upset over spilled milk, dirty underwear and tiny handprints on the walls again.

Jake and Harrison. Your Mama loves you so much.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Just What I Needed

At Jim's today and the boys are bored since they can't go swimming so I collected some dated magazines, scissors, paper and tape and asked them to make me a collage. I still haven't seen Jake's masterpiece, but here's what Harrison came up with:

He said it looked "girly". Doesn't get any more "girly" than this.

Feeling Clean

I find it strange that by just putting a bra on makes me feel dressed and clean....even if I'm still wearing the same clothes I slept in the night before.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Short Rendezvous with WordPress

Dear Blogger,

I was in the mood to try on a different blog provider tonight to give my upcoming grown up/adult only blog a new look. Needless to say my grown up/adult only blog never got made because WordPress has NO AVAILABLE domains to use and no filter to help you choose one. Stupid WordPress.

I cheated on you, ever so briefly, with WordPress and I'm back begging for your acceptance of my apology.  I'm sure you have some pretty nifty grown up templates I can make my own for my filthy 32 year old thoughts that I'll hide behind in some clever name like surrfergrrlintx.

Hmmm, wonder if that domain is available.

Forever yours - for now,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Asked For Teeth Anyway?

Jake: "Harrison needs some ice because his tongue is bleeding."
Me: "Did you bite your tongue?"
Harrison: "Yeah."
Me: "I'm sorry, buddy. I bet that hurts."
Harrison. "Yeah, but its not your fault. Its my teeth's fault."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Picture vs. Play

Took the boys swimming last night as a easily earned reward for having great days at their respective day care/camp locations yesterday. I brought plenty of entertainment items for the boys IN the pool as well as for me on the sidelines. This, I have found, is one of the benefits of the boys getting older - I don't HAVE TO get in with them to make sure they don't sink, drown or bust their heads open on the concrete edges. I read a magazine, played on my ipad and kept a close eye on their whereabouts while a small family of three arrived and claimed two chairs next to me. A teenage girl was flanked by her parents and she and "papa" immediately got in, while "mom" tried to do what I was doing.....hang out, restful and unbothered.

Her daughter begged for a solid ten minutes to get her to come in the pool and she eventually won. "Mom" reluctantly joined and although all she did was float on a noodle, just being IN the water apparently was enough for daughter.

It made me think about whether I should have put my suit on and joined the boys in the pool, but as I watched them, happy, easily entertained with goggles, floaties and bubbles, I had the opportunity to appreciate some things about them I didn't realize before.

Harrison is 5 and with the "right" goggles, he runs toward the pool and does a respectable cannon ball into the water. Just last year he hated getting his head wet and wouldn't swim without his life vest. Now he swims across the pool, unassisted and keeps up with Jake without a problem.

Jake is a great big brother. He blows bubbles for Harrison and always welcomes him in his activities. He encourages Harrison to race, but is careful to let him win sometimes. He takes him to the boys' potty when Harrison is scared because its so dark. When we leave, he helps to carry his noodle.

I took a quick picture with my iphone because its all I had on me, so now I have a documented memory along with the observations above that I made. Next time, I'll be like "Mom" and create some mental memories by playing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Its Gonna Be Tough Living in China

Over dinner last night Jake explained that he believed it would be quite hard to live in China. I asked why he thought that and he proceeded to tell me:

Well, what if you were driving, but all of the street signs were in Chinese and you couldn't read them, so you didn't know you were speeding? And then, what if a Chinese policeman tries to pull you over but because you don't know you're speeding, you don't stop because you think he wants to pull someone else over? And then you finally stop and he gets out to talk to you, but you don't understand because its all in Chinese and he gets mad at you and sends you to Chinese jail where you don't know how long you'll be there because your lawyer is Chinese and is telling you what's going on in Chinese. 

I guess if that's what happens when you're an American in China, Jake might be right.

Father's Day 2010

The boys and I took a walk around the neighborhood this evening and happened upon.....

This poor guy was in someone's driveway and way too far from home, which, based on the layer of moss and wet gunk he was hauling with him, was the nearby pond. We checked him out, talked to him and he responded with an occasional hiss as he quickly retracted his head into his shell. I couldn't leave him in the 100 degree heat baking on the concrete, so I tore off some plastic from a Sunday newspaper bag laying in a neighbor's driveway and carried him the 100 yards back to the pond. He kept his head out the whole way, almost wanting to see where we were taking him and the boys and I found a spot level with the water line that was about a foot from the water. He extended his head, then his legs, looked around a literally sprinted toward the water. I'd never seen a turtle run so fast (or run at all for that matter), but clearly he was home and the boys were happy to see him "saved".

Jake gave me a long hug and Harrison narrated the event in great detail.

The boys did spend most of the day with their Daddy, but I enjoyed creating a nice Father's Day memory with them......that at least I know I'll remember.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Harrison pointed to a package of life savers and asks, "daddy, why are they called swords when they look like doughnuts?". It took me a second then replied,"Harrison, they are called life savers, not light sabers" we had a laugh

Also, be sure to check your ears. Dr harrison says "If your ears are full of wax, you are not healthy."

House flies are very hungry because they always land on your food. Fireflies are not because they don't land on your food.

"The moon is in outer space and I have never been to outer space".