Friday, October 08, 2010

Little Heads on My Shoulder

I miss when my boys were so small I could pick them up and they'd rest their little heads on my shoulder in a hug or to sleep.

They are sleeping now and I just want to wake them up and steal a few more moments with them I'll never get back. Feel like every morning they wake up an inch bigger and 10x smarter.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Describe Your Ex

In One Word:

mean spiriteD
self absorBed
self riGhteous

Cruising the web this morning

I've been poking around the web this morning and in 15 minutes have seen:

a police officer knife hand strike a pimp (i'm signing up for martial arts cause that was just cool)
a small dog pee on a bride at her wedding (who let the dogs out?)
a hot foreign girl in pig tails teach me how to do a painful looking one legged squat (she got my attention, but i'm still eating a donut in my sweatpants)
10 tips for using twitter for business (novel)
random toothpaste for dinner comics (that were a waste of time)
a group of lions attack a "trainer" who was poking them at a circus (he deserved it, honestly)
a guy cop a cheap feel on a girl's chest at a soccer game (i couldn't tell it was a girl so perhaps neither could he. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt)

Words That Make Me Laugh

My coworker Joey and I have a giggle habit of laughing at anything that might also entertain a 9 year old boy (coincidence that I HAVE a 9 year old boy? I think not.). Only way these words are funnier than standing alone is when they are used during a normal, serious conversation, like a client meeting. The quieter we're supposed to be, the funnier they seem. I know there are more....but its 1:45am on a Tuesday.

Poop (heavy emphasis on the "oo" sound)
Stoo-pit (as said by Nicole Portman)
do do (especially as said in a meeting "Yes, when we do do that tomorrow.......")
Balls (funniest all by themselves)
Duties (singular "duty" is equally as effective)