Friday, March 30, 2007

Can't Believe It's Been More Than a Year

After nearly eight years, I am turning in my letter of resignation today. It's 12:50 p.m. - the letters are written, sealed in an envelope and my stomach is churning. A few close friends are "standing by" sending me emails of encouragement and support (and perhaps waiting to hear the "dirt" that is the reaction generated).

Truth be told I have been pimping out my resume since making my New Year's resolution to get a new job in 2007 and nothing is happening. I don't quite understand why all of these career websites have sprung up because posting a blind resume to a blind employer is a horrible way to find a job (not to mention it doesn't work). The old saying "its not what you know, its who you know" is definitely true.

I've begun doing some networking through volunteering with the American Marketing Association, but have realized now that I should have been networking way before I needed a job. Now I just look like a stranger politely asking for favors before establishing that connection beyond "I need a job. Do you have one for me?"

After reading some career advice that professionals are blogging and blogging often, I return to my blog. Abandoned for more than a year, I dusted off my password and begin with this entry. While diverting from my original purpose for this blog to share family thoughts and events, I appreciate, if nothing else, the ability to put my thoughts, frustrations and vision for the future in "print".

What path my resignation will lead me toward is uncertain. I will:
  • finish my MBA in December 2007
  • continue to work with wonderful people at the AMA
  • nurture my children
  • slow life down a bit at home
Oh, yeah, and look for a new job.

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