Monday, April 02, 2007

Gonna Slow Things Down a Bit

Ok, so work knows my days are numbered....8 after today, but who's counting? Management took it well, my peers probably feel abandoned, although they are happy for me as friends should be.

So, over the course of two weeks, I'll go from mother to two little boys, wife to Jason, full time employee, MBA student, AMA volunteer and job seeker to:

Mother. Wife. Student. Volunteer.

We'll see how that slows things down a bit for our family. Time to enjoy each other more, cherish the little things, absorb the moments of childlike discovery and innocence that engulf us every day but we fail to realize.

I'm not naturally programmed to make full-time motherhood my number one priority, but we'll see how I adapt and enable my children to teach me patience, restraint and guidance instead of rushed demands that are prevalent now.

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