Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pee-ling the Paint

The time: 9:15 a.m. The place: our house. 

Harrison and I were packing up his backpack getting ready to leave for Harrison's speech class. Socks? Check. Shoes? Check. Keys? Check. Class folder and backpack? Check, check. Harrison go potty? Nope. 

"Harrison, you need to go potty before we leave."
"Ok." He walks into the bathroom. I go in after him to help him pull his pants down and subsequently pull his shirt up so it doesn't get in the way of his steady stream. He relaxed and released a stream that could have won a water shooting carnival game contest. Went nowhere near the toilet, in the toilet or even around the toilet. No, it hit the wall. By the time he redirected his hips down toward the toilet, he was virtually done. 

Super. So, my focus to save time and not have to change his peed on shirt, became an even bigger situation when I suddenly had to grab the paper towels and bleach cleaner, all the while I'm praying the cleaner won't discolor the green paint on the walls.

The time: 12:10 pm. The place: home again.

Lunch is over. I'm cleaning up the dishes and Harrison suddenly runs toward the bathroom, explaining, "I go potty real quick."

"Ok, Harrison, point your penis DOWN so you don't pee on the wall."

I believe Harrison only heard, "...pee on the wall." When I went in to check on him, he was pulling up his pants and grinning at the new yellow paint he added to the wall to the right of the toilet. He might as well have had his hands on his hips and his hips thrust out while he wrote his name - first and last - on the wall.

The clean up supplies and ritual played out earlier in the day was duplicated, with the same result - a newly cleaned bathroom........

........and bleach cleaner does NOT affect the color of latex wall paint. The silver lining to my Tuesday cloud.

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Anonymous said...

Sooooooo funny! I laughed out loud!