Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St. Valentine Called The Tooth Fairy

Valentine's Day morning I slithered out of bed to the boys' bedroom to make sure they were awake. I was greeted by a newly snaggle toothed Jake who had lost a bottom front tooth that suddenly appeared loose just two days earlier. He showed the tooth to me, protected in a small toy treasure chest. Phew, according to Jake, he can now start 1st grade in the fall with his other snaggle toothed friends.

Meanwhile Harrison was parading around in the background in his pajama shirt and pull up, announcing his success at peeing in the toilet that morning.

A great day so far.......

......that ended with Jason installing my Valentine's present on my car - a flowmaster exhaust. He knows me so well - its actually what I wanted. 

(Note - On Monday evening, I walked into a local grocery store to find a man, possibly in his 60s, waiting for me. He said, "Miss, not only does your car look good, but it sounds good too. Really, it sounds great." After thanking him, he continued on, to do his shopping.)

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