Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Change of Perspective

My boys are back and sleeping soundly in their bunks beds. Seems like they were just laughing and bouncing around a few minutes ago, but they've long since settled down and I'm happy to have them with me.

My perspective on having them has changed.

Today I don't feel like a mother itching to act single. I feel like a single woman, happy to be a mother.

Today I don't feel like driving a car that gets attention. I feel like driving a car my children will be comfortable in (and can see out of the windows without needing to strain their necks).

Today I am not satisfied with providing the bare necessities for my boys. I want a place I call home, that I can make comfortable for them. A place they look forward to staying at, playing at, laughing at. I hope to have that place soon.

Today I know I did not hug them enough, tell them I love them enough or play with them enough.


Anonymous said...

two lucky little boys to have a mom like you!

Anonymous said...

You're a wonderful mom Cori :)