Friday, September 11, 2009

Randomness & Nothingness

Its raining and I'm wondering why do wet dogs stink so bad? Even when they're clean and just bathed, they stink. I've puzzled this till my puzzler was sore.

I'm reading a book called People Are Unappealing by Sara Barron. Its written in essay style by a Jewish girl from NY who seems to have a knack for meeting the best that society has to offer. I've convinced a coworker to start reading it and I've embarrassed myself many a time at Barnes and Noble from laughing out loud. I'm also reading, very slowly I might add, the True Blood series, but it just doesn't have me hooked like Twilight did. I wish real well-written literature struck my fancy but really I just wanna laugh. Its probably why The Three Martini Playdate is still one of my favorites and probably why I read Ellen DeGeneres' books at least twice.

Laughing makes me do balloons shaped like Christmas ornaments....and clean high thread count sheets......and when my cell phone is fully charged.

Think this was more randomness. I'll bring nothingness to the table later.

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Cori said...

finished "people are unappealing". funny book. really liked it, but the end was abrupt. sara, were you up against a deadline? mentally done with the book? ran out of weird s*** to talk about? really, the end kinda sucked.