Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

The boys and I took a walk around the neighborhood this evening and happened upon.....

This poor guy was in someone's driveway and way too far from home, which, based on the layer of moss and wet gunk he was hauling with him, was the nearby pond. We checked him out, talked to him and he responded with an occasional hiss as he quickly retracted his head into his shell. I couldn't leave him in the 100 degree heat baking on the concrete, so I tore off some plastic from a Sunday newspaper bag laying in a neighbor's driveway and carried him the 100 yards back to the pond. He kept his head out the whole way, almost wanting to see where we were taking him and the boys and I found a spot level with the water line that was about a foot from the water. He extended his head, then his legs, looked around a literally sprinted toward the water. I'd never seen a turtle run so fast (or run at all for that matter), but clearly he was home and the boys were happy to see him "saved".

Jake gave me a long hug and Harrison narrated the event in great detail.

The boys did spend most of the day with their Daddy, but I enjoyed creating a nice Father's Day memory with them......that at least I know I'll remember.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for you. You guys made one turtle very happy. Could have been trying to get home himself for father's day. :)