Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cruising the web this morning

I've been poking around the web this morning and in 15 minutes have seen:

a police officer knife hand strike a pimp (i'm signing up for martial arts cause that was just cool)
a small dog pee on a bride at her wedding (who let the dogs out?)
a hot foreign girl in pig tails teach me how to do a painful looking one legged squat (she got my attention, but i'm still eating a donut in my sweatpants)
10 tips for using twitter for business (novel)
random toothpaste for dinner comics (that were a waste of time)
a group of lions attack a "trainer" who was poking them at a circus (he deserved it, honestly)
a guy cop a cheap feel on a girl's chest at a soccer game (i couldn't tell it was a girl so perhaps neither could he. i'll give him the benefit of the doubt)

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