Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Powered By Red Curry (with Chicken)

I haven't had thai red curry with chicken in 4 days and I'm feeling like anything else I eat is just water in the tank. Putter.
Have become a bit of a red curry snob and I must say these two are my favorites around the Plano/Richardson, TX area:

Sawadika at Campbell near 75
Noodles Ave. on Park in West Plano

Though this does not help me when I have a hankerin' closer to home. Wylie/Sachse/Murphy is in need of a Thai restaurant. Spread the word. We're Thai friendly in these parts.

Extra comments: 

Steer clear of Mango at Park and Preston in Plano and the nameless Thai restaurant in the La Madeline shopping center in Addison. Both very yucky. That's a fancy culinary term for gross.

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