Friday, May 18, 2007

Call Me Slack Ass

Sorry to all of my faithful readers (all two of you, including me) for being such a slack ass on posting a new entry in this world.

School started a couple of weeks ago and I am dying a slow death from all of the reading and articles the prof is making me read. To top it all off, the topic is marketing research. Yuck. I hate research. Any class that requires statistics as a prerequisite is not for me. I can do math, but prefer to delegate any necessary math computations to an electronic device of some sort (calculator, computer, even my phone).

I did have a post in mind from last Tuesday (5/16), but there was a mission involved and the mission was a failure, so I will wait on that topic for when the mission is complete. Some of you know what I'm referring to. The rest of you will have to bite your nails in suspense until at least July. The mission has not been rescheduled until at least then. There will be before and after pictures, so let that be a teaser for you.

Today is Friday (I'm certain of that because I checked my calendar today-counting down the days until our Disney Cruise) and it really feels like any other day. I should feel for all of the working drones out there who count down the days from Monday to Friday and the excitement they feel over weekend plans.

My weekend plans are to be in school ALL DAY tomorrow, but other than that the weekends are like any other day, except that instead of cleaning after the kids, I also have Jason to clean up after as well.

Please keep checking things here. I will come up with something muy exciting to share very soon.

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