Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dilemma of the Hour

Did you know that in nearly seven years with Jason and the boys (most of that time) I have never been away from them for more than a night? My outings usually consist of two-three hours shopping excursions while Harrison naps or working out at the gym while the boys are in their onsite daycare. No girls' trips away. No airplane rides in peace to listen to my ipod or read a periodical. I don't recall the last plane trip I took where I wasn't occupying a child in near exhaustion. Ok, yes I do. Jason and I did go to Grand Cayman when Jake was 8 months old. But that wasn't "me time".

Jason has been to Vegas, New Orleans and New York more times than I can count. At least three of those trips were booby, oops, I mean bachelor parties. I'm seeing an inequality here that I think needs to be remedied.......soon!

Not that I haven't been invited elsewhere. I've been invited to Vegas to desecrate my body in more ways than one I'm certain, and I've been invited to Panama to cleanse my body in more ways than one (yoga trip), but I've always justified my way out of "needing" to go.

Until now.

Jason asked me Sunday if he could go to Ohio to visit a friend (Jay, if you're reading this, yes, that's you) in July when his baby is born. I never said "no" but did remind him that not only am I waaaaaaaaaaaay overdo for a girl trip, he also vetoed every trip I suggested before due to lack of funding. If there's funding for only one trip......I'm now prepared to fight for it.

I am always very supportive of Jason's boy trips. He does what he wants. I don't care and he's the only one bringing home any bread, bacon, sausage and eggs, so who am I to say he can't go?

Who am I to say I can't go? Kinsey Lynn, pack your bags, give your baby to his daddy and let's roll.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm I think Jason has benifited from his little motorboating trips :) ergo you have benifited from his little trips... Most men live lives of quite desperation, and every now and again a man must be drunk and be with his fools...

Barbara said...

Well Cori, I'm spending the July 13th weekend in Chicago without the family, and if you get permission to go, I am sure we can outdue the guys :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Jason's friends would stop impersonating him and getting happily married he wouldn't have to go those pesky bachelor party's