Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wow-This Post Really Sucks

I've been home for nearly three weeks now. I know you will be disappointed to know that my disasters in the kitchen are few and far between, although I have had some horrible visuals of the oven exploding from a gas leak or my stove going up in flames from hot oil that splattered beyond its limits of the edges of the pan. Sort of the same visuals as when we first moved into the house and Jason was going to build a fire with the gas fireplace for the first time - I couldn't help but think the house would explode. It hasn't and my paranoia over the kitchen appliances will settle down eventually too. Hey, I got over my fear of using the Kitchen Aid mixer. Yes, I used to be afraid of that - compared to the wal-mart grade mixers my mother had when I was a kid, the Kitchen Aid is a SERIOUS mixer. I kept picturing it would gallop away and off the counter whenever I turned it on. That hasn't happened either.

Wow, that was a serious detour from the purpose of this post.....

Since I've been home, I have had three job (sort of) offers.....the first was a product marketing position with a very large, global telecom company. Would have been perfect three months ago, but I declined. The second was through networking at the AMA event I volunteered with two weeks ago. Nothing specific, but the person's co-worker mentioned how well connected he is and he did ask for my resume now and when I'm ready to return to the workforce. The third I have yet to get details on, but I'm just baffled at all of the interest now. Three months ago, I was whining to Jason about how no one wanted me and I had no skills, but I guess that's because I was emailing my resume blindly through internet job postings and most of these are coming from the "who you know" job recruiting process.

Its great to know I'm wanted - somewhere - but really, I'm still liking being around my kids. They've grown on me and I think Jason enjoys having me home. I asked him to do the dinner dishes last night (which used to be his job) and he put the dishes in the sink and filled them with water. He's spoiled.......he hasn't had to ask for clean underwear once.

Maybe I should have ran with the tangent I got off on at the beginning of this post - it was more interesting.

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