Thursday, June 07, 2007

Abs, Where Are You?

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So, my neighbor Laura and I signed up for a 3 year commitment to a local women's fitness club literally the first Monday after I quit my job. So that was April 16th.....nearly two months ago and honestly I'm starting to get frustrated.

Perhaps I shouldn't be blogging about such a "personal" issue such as my body ("she just likes me for ma body" - Mater from Cars), but this is my latest frustration (and my effort to procrastinate from doing school work).

Day one I weighed in at (holding my breath while I type this) 130 pounds. I'm 5'8" and have been at that weight since I was 22 (obviously except for when I was cooking two strapping boys in my oven), regardless of what I eat, drink or smoke (so I don't smoke, but I felt a third item was necessary there). My thinking was that by working out I'd set a personal goal of a measly 5 pounds. I'd really like to be at 125 - that would be lovely. Healthy, but not too skinny. Damn, I could never be too skinny, my ass is too a pretty good way, I think (at least in the right pair of jeans).

Now that we're at nearly two months of this routine five days a week, I'm losing motivation. I'm thinking either my scale needs new batteries or I'm going to have to change some shit up. The damn thing said 135.

I know, I know, muscle weighs more than fat, blah blah blah, (and that's probably it, cause my clothes don't fit any tighter), but I've been working hard on these abs someone told me I have, but I can't see them in all of their ripply glory. Damn flab has Harrison's name written all over it like a tattoo you can't get rid of without surgery.

I think I have accepted the fact that I'm heading into my 30s (still 29 though) and I just can't eat, drink or smoke (no, haven't started smoking since I said that earlier) whatever I want to and expect the exercise alone will pull its own weight. I'm going to have to make drastic changes.

I'm buying V-8 (the original, not the splash version that's all sugar and coloring) and water in bulk and I've cut out coffee and sodas. That's phase one - the easy part. I just like my sweets way too much and pasta and bread and chips and fries and ice cream and alcohol. Sniff sniff......

I didn't think when I signed up for this that two months into it I would be setting a new goal to get back to my preworkout weight.

"Hello Cori. Thank you for joining me for this personal training session. What is your weight goal?"

"Uh, yes, thanks for squeezing me in. I'm desperate to lose five pounds to get back to the weight I was before I started working out."

The battle of the bulge is kicking my ass.

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