Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shoes in the Budget?

Jason kicked me out after dinner tonight to get out of the house (the rain has kept me in with the boys and cabin fever has set in) and go shopping. He took the boys for the evening. Ahhhh, so nice.....

I grabbed my $10 DSW coupon, just in case and went 4 miles up the road to Firewheel mall. Victoria's Secret had a nice sale on some skivvies. Jason wasn't impressed with my purchase there - black, white and covers everything. Then Ann Taylor had a lovely bathing suit cover up on sale that I couldn't resist. From there, DSW.

Those of you who know me, know I'm not a "typical" girl. I'm not emotional or overly sensitive and tend to be pretty "man like" when it comes to emotions.

But, when I walk into DSW shoes, the smell of leather and the big colorful sale signs intoxicate me into submitting to the girl in me who does appreciate a new pair of shoes.

Today was day one of DSW's 80% off sale and armed with my coupon I headed to the clearance rack. It didn't take me long to find love in a pair of black patent leather Nine West low wedges with a super cute ankle strap. (Maybe I'll share a picture later). Full price......$69. Mark down price $ 80% off that.

My cost at checkout with my coupon......$0.01. Yep, that's shiny copper penny. Woo-hoo! Jason is so proud of me, although I did hide the receipts from Victoria's Secret and Ann Taylor.

But shoes FOR A PENNY! Be prepared, if you see me wearing them, you will hear about my FOR A PENNY!!!!

Did I mention, shoes FOR A PENNY?!!!!!

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Kristen said...

Congrats! That is fantastic. Maybe I'll get to sneek a peek of those black magic shoes on Saturday.