Monday, July 09, 2007

777 - Part 2

The 7/7/7 pool party at 7:00 literally lasted about 7 hours. There isn't a thing about it we would change - everything went GREAT!

The weather was perfect. The pool was plenty warm. The kids were well behaved (upstairs). The food was great. There was plenty of seating. The sangria was tasty. The keg was drained. Girls actually got into the pool and overall we counted 24 people showed up. One person had to spend the night. A couple said it was the best party they had been to in years and no one looked bored. The best part for me was that I didn't have a hangover in the morning - I needed my strength for the morning after clean up inside and out. We're thinking about doing it again next month (smaller scale) to send off Luke and we're already looking forward to it.

I did take a few pictures and they may disappear in the near future if anyone objects to having them up. This photo album almost looks like a singles post - I didn't realize until I sorted through the pictures that most of them are of the single people at the party, so see someone you like? Let me know, I might be able to hook a "brotha" or "sista" up.

This is Brett Sands, aka Sands. He and Jason have known each other since college where they sealed their friendship through Mustang (Sands' 5.0) vs. Camero (Jason's V8) races at Abilene Christian University.

Brett does Karate, plays in an ice hockey league and is very active in his church.

Once you get to know him, he does a great alien impression.

This is Dave, the Aussie pilot. I don't know a lot about Dave - he's a friend of Jon's, but his accent is nice to listen to.

This is Erin. She's Kristen Worley's sister and is very very sweet. She dressed up as Punky Brewser at the Worley's 2006 Halloween party and she makes a great addition to our driveway get togethers.

This is Chris and Matt in my kitchen. They have been friends since they were children and contrary to the appearance of this picture they are not gay. Chris and Jason went to high school and Abilene Christian University together. He does like women and Matt is married. I caught them wearing their matching towels and had to preserve the image.

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