Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Grocery Getter

At the risk of appearing like a complete spoiled brat, I am finally getting around to showing you my new toy (because so many people have been hounding me for a picture). Yes, I am unemployed. Yes, I now spend my days at the gym, playing in the pool with the boys and on occasion doing a little cooking and cleaning. Yes, I am so much happier than I was just a few months ago and it really, honestly has nothing to do with this:

In my defense, Jason wanted it too and even calls it therapy when he drives it. How could you not feel better after slamming a five speed with the windows rolled down, a throaty V-8 roaring and the latest favorite on the ipod blaring (thanks to auxiliary input - no more crappy transmitter)? It is a fun car to drive and also one of the stupidest to have with the boys, but Jason calls it the "grocery getter" because the only places it goes to on a daily basis is to the gym or the store.


Opa said...

Thanks for the picture. Dad knows what he's driving next time he comes to Dallas! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Nice ride!...110-YGR...110 years to greater rewards?...110% of your gross resources?...dlk