Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Babies on Airplanes

It's getting closer and closer and closer to our trip to Pennsylvania to visit my parents at their 3000 square foot house in the BOONIES and my apprehension over taking Big H (Harrison) on a plane is growing by the day.

At 4 years old, Jake has been on dozens of airplanes and we've NEVER had a problem, but Harrison does not sit still, wants to do what he wants when he wants it and will let me know with no restraint when he's unhappy.

Will CPS haul me away because I'm thinking about slipping him some Benadryl during pre-board? Does anyone have any helpful hints on subduing my one year old who wants to do nothing but walk and walk and walk some more? I want HELPFUL hints here, people, not the usual, bring him plenty of toys and snacks....I KNOW that already! Be original ok? I really wish I could check him under the plane like a puppy (no I wouldn't really do that, even if they let me), but honestly as wonderful as Jason is with the boys, he is NO HELP when they're being difficult in confined spaces.

I actually thought about buying Jake and me a first class ticket and leaving Jason and Harrison to battle it out with the herd in Coach. I'll probably regret not doing that.......but I know this won't be our last flight while he's little, so it's always an option in the future......

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jonelle said...

i feel your pain...i'm sorry to say i have no "grasshopper/daniel-san" type wisdoms to bestow upon you. :) (if you aren't familiar with the grasshopper reference i'll have to share in the driveway)oh wait, i know...perhaps some wine before take off? it'll look like juice in the bottle!!! :) OKAY-before all you people sic CPS on me, i'm SEVERELY kidding!

p.s. if i figure it out, do you mind if i link your blog on mine?