Thursday, November 10, 2005


I promised a more recent picture of Harrison and here is one, bottom teeth and all! He is about 10 months in this picture and while we're on the subject of teeth, I have to share a concern.....his top two front teeth are coming in, but they are really far apart. He's getting widely spaced teeth like JASON! Can anyone reassure me that it's possible when more teeth come in they will push the top two closer together? I'm paranoid he'll have a jack-o-lantern smile for the next 6 years of his life!


Anonymous said...

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jonelle said...

hey girl! how come i "don't have permission to view" the picture? have i been bad? :) i dunno why i can't view both pics... :( about h's teeth? can't help genetics, but you CAN help dentist etiquette. no whattaburger before cleanings! :) heh, heh!