Friday, November 11, 2005

Baby Fear Factor

This morning, Harrison made an executive decision to join baby fear factor just seconds before I could intervene.
Now, mind you I had just vacuumed the carpets two days ago, so there was very little on the carpet besides toys. Harrison was sitting on the living room floor as I put my shoes on this morning before we headed out for work, day care and school.
I looked over at him just as I caught him putting something in his mouth. Not knowing what it could have been or if it was a choking hazard, I immediately went over to him, put my fingers in his mouth and pulled out.......a live spider! I threw it on the ground, it uncurled its legs from Harrison's monster saliva and ran off. Jason went to grab it with a papertowel as Harrison stood up and looked around for where in the world it could have gone. He wasn't done drowning it in his spit.
Yuck! Big H wins the fear factor award for the day!

1 comment:

jonelle said...

eeeew! nasty, nasty, nasty!!! makes me squirm everytime I picture the spider drenched in saliva and then scurrying away once free. all's i have to say is this is probably a sign of what's to come with the big man...are you guys ready?!