Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My house is a mess because this book is great!

As soon as I clicked the "submit for grade" button during my final exam last Saturday, I was itching to find a book to read that was just for fun. Preferably something light, easy to read and with some humor thrown in here and there for added brainless entertainment.

While perusing the paperback book section of my local Target Supercenter*, I found Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs. Augusten Burroughs is the same author of the book and movie, Running With Scissors, which I thought was kind of a dark comedy, but still had comedy in it, so going for familiarity, I chose this latest novel, created from Augusten's memoirs. "Memoirs" sounds somewhat literatureish and less mindless, so I took an $11 risk and have loved the book. It is actually pretty laugh out loud funny and I have to wonder how he remembers these life events with such clarity and detail or does he draw a mental outline and use made up details as filler? Real or filler, I've enjoyed it and highly recommend it if you want to be entertained when you read without needing your brain to be turned on at all.

*I prefer Target 100% for book shopping to Barnes and Noble, Borders or Half Price Books because the selection is limiting and I can find something without spinning in circles, arguing with myself over the price and usually can avoid banging my head in frustration over all of the choices. I hate having too many choices for things. I prefer the "one size fits all" category. Easy. Mindless.

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Anonymous said...

Having read "Running With Scissors," I think I'll pass on more of the author's memoirs. I enjoyed living in Minot, ND, for the same reasons you like to shop for books at Target--simple, mindless living--few selected places to shop, eat, and be entertained. Happy reading!