Thursday, April 26, 2007

Forbidden Fruit

Why is it when something is "off limits" is it suddenly torture to avoid? This is evidenced in so many examples, I don't know where to start. Hey, how about what brought on this post? Well, because my dental insurance from my former employer terminates at the end of this month (April 30), I had to put a rush job on filling the three cavities that I've had for more than a year. Initially had it scheduled for September, but hmmmm, I could pay like $100 under insurance or like $800 without.

I could buy a lot of fun clothes and cute shoes with $800.

When I made the appointment I thought the receptionist would laugh at me for the short notice, but to my dismay she had plenty of appointments. Dammit. Its harder to get a stinking haircut than it is to have my teeth drilled. Maybe its the free wine they offer at the salon.....another topic for another day.

So, here I sit, numb and hungry. Its 1:37 and I have eaten, um, nothing. I had my morning cup of coffee at 8am, some water with my workout and unless you count the paste and grit that inadvertently slid down my throat during the procedure, I've eaten nothing. The feeling is starting to come back, but I still can't eat. I want food SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!

Other forbidden fruit real life stories:
  • When I was pregnant, a strawberry wine cooler that sat in the back of the fridge for more than a year was the oasis in the desert. Every time I opened the door, it was as though the fridge light only shined like a spotlight on that damn red bottle.
  • When you tell a toddler NOT to do something, it suddenly becomes the only thing he can focus on through screams, fits and repeated attempts.
  • When we were little at Christmas time, every year Mom would tell my brother and me NOT to go into her closets. We ruined Christmas every year with our ransack missions while Mom and Dad attended parties.
  • See the Chipotle Challenge for another example. When told they CAN'T do something, men will stand up, grunt and beat their chest through guarantees of success, even if failure is likely. Jon and Kenny want another attempt to whip that burrito into submission and I will recant all of my naysaying sayings in a follow up post if they ever find victory at the bottom of that foil wrapper.
Why did I end on a food note? My tongue and lips are tingly.......I'm sooooooooo hungry.

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