Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When I Grow Up

I'm nearly 30 years old and I still can't finish the sentence, "when I grow up....". I don't know what I want to be when I'm done being a "domestic relations manager." I don't suppose I will ever be able to quit that job, but for a paycheck, I simply can't focus on any ONE thing. Looking back on childhood, I don't recall ever knowing what I wanted to be or even having any dreams of what childhood hero I wanted to impersonate. I know throughout high school and college I bounced from nursing (until I realized I can't stand the sight of my own blood or bodily fluids, let alone anyone else's), then being an accountant (but all of those numbers just bored me) to a lawyer (I still have that passion, but no money). I suppose I have plenty of time to figure it out, but Jake seems to have it all figured out......this week.......so maybe he can guide me toward making a decision.

Jake likes to build lego buildings and skyscrapers, so when I suggested he should be an architect, he thought that was pretty cool. An architect it was.....for a little while.

Jake likes to dress up in costumes representing heroes of all types: superman, batman, powerrangers, wonder pets, fire men and police men. He understands which is real, so he went through a blink of an eye fireman phase, than the police man phase lasted a day.

Most recently we watched the Masters golf tournament played annually in Augusta, Georgia, which got Jason itching to play golf before the weather gets too hot. He and Jake made an appointment to play with Jason's Dad (PawPaw) last Sunday morning.

Saturday night as I tucked Jake into bed and we talked about his golf outing with Daddy, he asked me, "mama, will you be watching me play golf on tv?"

Jake's latest occupational dream: to be a professional golfer his mama can watch on tv.

(I think Jason started to cry.)

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