Friday, April 27, 2007

Product Review Numero Dos: Pampers Diapers

I have been doing this "Mommy" thing for nearly six years now, with diapers of some sort a constant item on my shopping list pretty much the whole time since Harrison came along three years after Jake. (By the way, I'm counting pull ups in this too since they are basically a diaper they can "pull up" on their own and they are even MORE expensive than regular diapers. Pull ups = fancy diaper.)

With Jake, my diaper of choice was Luvs. They held up well and were less expensive than the other brand names. I tried Luvs with Harrison, but he was always such a tank that the paper tabs on Luvs just didn't stretch enough around Harrison's "booda belly", so we splurged and bought Huggies. Yes, they were pretty stinking expensive for something my kid was going to crap in and get thrown away, but we received them as a shower gift and I really liked the stretchy tab that appropriately, well, stretched around Harrison's middle. So with Harrison, Huggies it was until my most recent Target visit, when I did the head calculator cost comparison on Huggies vs. Pampers. Pampers was significantly cheaper - shocking! So, without hesitation, I dumped the Huggies and grabbed two packages of Pampers. Hey, I'm not working anymore. I have to budget in certain else can I afford my Starbucks runs if I don't watch my per diaper spending allowance?

Immediately I regretted my cheap decision - the Pampers just didn't seem to hold up as well as the Huggies. A couple of #1s in the diaper and it sagged off Harrison's rear like he'd taken a massive #2 instead. This quickly lead to a need to change his diaper MORE OFTEN, which does not equate to cheapness and made me initiate a scavenger hunt of desperate proportions to find any remaining Huggies diapers that might have been stuffed in a diaper bag, the car or in the back of a closet somewhere. No luck. I can either dump the Pampers (before Harrison dumps in them) and buy my trusted Huggies again or suck it up, learn from my terrible lapse in Mommy judgment in the baby aisle at Target and finish out the Pampers. I chose to finish out the Pampers. We almost finished the stack - I think there are like five left - when this morning, I was greeted with a whiny good morning from my toddler who's diaper literally EXPLODED all over him!

He had little pieces of that weird diaper gel all over him - his belly, his legs, his hands, his forehead and hair and after washing him up in the bathtub, the sight in the bed was much worse. I found a huge pee circle and an even BIGGER pile of that super GROSS diaper gel on his sheets. Did I say gross, because it was SOOOOOO gross.

I HATE PAMPERS! Please learn your lesson here. Seriously, they suck! Gotta go, I have to make an emergency HUGGIES run.

(I'm tempted to tell Pampers what I think of their diapers, but they'll probably send me a coupon for a free package or some crap like that. That doesn't fix the fact that they SUCK!)

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