Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its a Lunch, Its a Party, Its....Really Awkward

My going away luncheon was a nice gesture, but um, forced. A couple of people shared a memory of me over the past eight years, so that's two memories over eight years. Apparently I'm not very memorable...sniff sniff. I imagine others there were secretly doing the Arsenio Hall circular arm pump "woowoowoo" about my departure. Those are the people who made this decision easy.

One asked if I was going to have more kids to try for a girl and he couldn't understand why I kept saying I'd be getting a divorce if I was having more kids....until I finally put all of my cards on the table and said "Jason is fixed." Those who know me knew that already. He turned red from the dam that broke and filled the room with too much information, but geez, apparently I have to spell it out. My husband is recreation only. (He loves that phrase - "use me, baby, use me").

Ran into a coworker in the bano afterward and we had a good laugh over the whole silly affair. (Then I stunk her out while she brushed her teeth. Sorry, woman.) Had we been at a restaurant I would have considered grabbing my favorite coworkers and escaping to the bar. Check, please!

Came away with a nice parting gift - a willow tree figure of a mother and son. I'll tell the boys it represents my favorite child.

Suddenly I'm in the mood to pack up my crap and leave. Its beautiful outside and I'd really like to go hit some golf balls. I don't play golf, but it looks like the kind of day that requires a cute golf skirt, pink polo shirt and long tanned legs, none of which I possess.


Aunt Lin said...

Hi Sweetie,
Great blog, why am I just finding it ?? Ahh, hate to spoil your "they'll leave home someday" theory.. they leave for awhile, clone themselves and bring the little darlings back with them! They're called grandchildren and they will be the reason you live :)
Love you..

Anonymous said...

"My husband is recreation only"

Poor Jason...