Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Good Night Mama

Harrison said "Good night, mama" tonight. Usually, its been "ni ni, mama".

Just when I really start to worry about his speech, he makes a breakthrough. He surprises me in so many ways. I thought he'd never like reading books because he didn't show the interest that Jake did early on. I was wrong. I thought he didn't have the patience for puzzles. I was wrong. I thought he'd get frustrated doing matching games and searching for objects in a toddler "search and find". I was wrong.

Harrison is a tough guy. He can stand up for himself and be aggressive. He loves to laugh, roughhouse and be active.

He also sleeps with about 10 stuffed "friends" at night, gets very sensitive when scolded and when he's hysterical, only singing "you are my sunshine" will settle him down (after a few defiant "NOs").

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