Friday, April 20, 2007

The Great Chipotle Challenge

Perhaps inspired by the ESPN hot dog eating challenge, Jason offered a bet of a 4-pack of Murphy's Stout to Kenny if he could eat a full size Chipotle Burrito in 2 minutes! Jon, never to be left on the sidelines with his pink panties on, eagerly jumped into the challenge.

The date: Thursday, April 19th. The time: 6:30pm. The place: Kenny's kitchen.

I set the timer on the microwave for two minutes. Jon (pictured in the foreground) and Kenny (background) unwrapped their edible bricks and secured water without ice within reach. Jason grinned from ear to ear as he unwrapped his burrito and prepared the troops for their mission. "Ready, set, go!"

First bite, Jon digs in from the top and quickly realizes that was not the best place to start. He gets a long strand of tortilla stuck down his throat and has to cough it up in the bathroom. He returns, chewed food in hand, stuffs it into his mouth and joins Kenny, who attacked his burrito from the middle (less tortilla to slow him down) and has half of it devoured. Meanwhile Jason is nibbling on his burrito and announcing time...."one minute."

Jon recovers nicely as Kenny is slowing down. Jason says, "thirty seconds." It looks like they both could do it when with twenty seconds left, Jon drops what's left and says he's done. A couple of seconds later, Kenny throws in the towel. The timer beeps and Jason wins the first ever, Great Chipotle Challenge!

So close, but Jason wins eight cans of Murphy's Stout. Jon and Kenny want a rematch after some practice. Yeah, that will help.

So this is suburban a man's twenties, bragging rights go to sexual conquests. In his thirties (although Kenny is not quite 30 yet), its how much food he can stuff in his face in a short period of time. Jason loved it, but he's rarely one to make a bet he isn't sure to win. I think all of Jason's panties are pink.


Anonymous said...

I will win this challenge; I've gone over this in my head and I know the second time around I will not be denied.

Skinnyboy said...