Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jake vs. Harrison Round 2

Yes, I'm comparing my children. Get over it! If you have more than one child, you have compared them, so don't be a hypocrite. I just have the nerve to document it, possibly for posterity. (What does that mean anyway....posterity? I felt the need to use the word because it seemed a natural way to finish the sentence.) Anyhoo, sorting through those 165 pictures, I discovered two pictures that seem to visually depict the boys' personalities I described yesterday.

This is Jake, my patient artist, concentrating on drawing cars at Christmas in Pennsylvania. He's very serious about his art and will whine in frustration if Harrison messes with his masterpiece or it doesn't quite turn out the way he visualized it.

Luckily this is an etchisketch type thing and can't be taped to my walls.

This is Harrison at his happiest, being tickled, in this instance, by Daddy in his bedroom before bedtime. We had a fabulous time calming him down to go to sleep. This kid is ticklish ALL OVER his body - even just poking him in the back will cause him to writhe in giggles.

Interesting to note as different as they are, both of these pictures show the boys in their jammies. They love to be in their jammies and would wear them to breakfast, lunch and dinner if we'd let them.

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