Saturday, April 21, 2007

(re)Introducing "Da Boyz"

These are da boyz. Jake (left) is 5 1/2 here. Harrison is almost 2 1/2. Harrison doesn't look much smaller than Jake since this picture accentuates his rather large head. Believe me, from birth, I've known he has a LARGE head.

Although I've talked about them in previous posts, I thought I should reintroduce them with this lovely picture I just downloaded with 165 other pictures stuck in my camera's brain. These kids clearly have the same daddy, although occasionally Jason will witness something Harrison does and say, "are you sure your ex-boyfriend wasn't around three years ago." And while they have the same mommy and daddy and my doo doo brown eyes (why couldn't just one of them get Jason's blues?), they couldn't be more different.

  • Sweet
  • Smart
  • Even-tempered and sort of "go with the flow". I have always been able to take him ANYWHERE without fear that he would ruin the journey or the destination.
  • A cuddler
  • Patient. From day one, he would occupy himself and sit still longer than I could in some instances.
  • No health, skin, or developmental delays.
  • Creative and loves to draw (and tape his drawings to my walls, doors, cabinets and windows. Its just super to peel month old tape off of everything.)
  • Very well coordinated
  • Obedient
  • Prefers classical / jazz music
  • Loves to golf with Daddy
  • Makes friends wherever he goes
  • Huge
  • Aggressive
  • Loud
  • Emotional roller coaster. When he's laughing, it comes from his belly. When he's crying, its more of a scream that could break your grandmother's china.
  • Would rather wrestle than cuddle
  • Emotionally sensitive, but physically tough
  • Naughty. Harrison does things just to get your attention - good or bad.
  • Can be manipulated into obedience by the mere mention of food. Many times, he'll eat all of his breakfast and then wait patiently to pounce on Jake's breakfast left overs.
  • Has had some health concerns, such as a heart murmur, multiple ear infections, speech delay, eczema and other skin rashes and bloody noses are common when the air is dry. Yeah, that's always fun.
  • Prefers R&B and rap music and loves to dance
  • Great sleeper
  • Loves to make a running tackle to knock me or Jason down
  • Must have his monster, Babo, with him at all bedtimes
Now don't get all touchy and say that I "prefer" Jake based on these descriptions. Yes, Jake is a GREAT kid, but Harrison is too, just in a more lively and mischieviously naughty way. He loves to follow his big brother around and do everything Jake does, which is great because that means he's not following me around anymore, pulling on my pant legs and begging for me to carry him all day. The kid is not even 2 1/2 and he weighs 35 pounds so I'm entitled to rejoice that he's past the "carry me" phase. Plus, our plan worked to give Jake a playmate and although they fight as brothers will from time to time, they are buddies as well as family.

For those of you who are nosily wondering if we're having anymore, the answer is NO! Jason has been fixed, which oddly enough did not have the same effect as it did on the dog. Go figure.

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